by Carla Hill

An application for REALTORS ®After much soul searching and working the numbers, you decided to put your home on the market. You may be selling to change cities for a job or are needing to downsize. Regardless of the reason, this is a big and important decision!


The time has come, though. You have received an offer on your home. How can you make it through? This can be a very trying time. How do you know which offer to take or what counteroffer to make?

Here are 10 tips to help you stay calm during negotiations.


  • 1. Trust your Agent: You hired your agent for a reason. He has experience handling negotiations and contracts. Feel free to ask him any questions you have, but don’t let the pressure of every minute detail overwhelm you.
  • 2. Eat and Sleep: Our body needs to refuel in two ways: food and rest. Be sure to get plenty of both so that your brain is well-prepared for any big decisions you may need to make. Pack a bag lunch or some snacks if you think you may be too busy to stop for lunch or dinner on the way to your agent’s office.
  • 3. Have Downtime: Getting your mind off of a stressful situation means you can come back later refreshed and ready for a challenge.
  • 4. Open Communication: Express real concerns to your spouse, significant other, or business partner. You never really know what someone else is thinking unless you talk openly.
  • 5. Exercise: This is a great way to clear your mind and to gear your body up for the stress of selling. Walks, runs, and even a trip to the gym can be extremely beneficial.
  • 6. Meditate: Take a moment and find a quiet space. Sit quietly with your eyes closed and focus on your breath coming in and going out of your body. Be still and be in the present moment. As thoughts and worries come in your mind, acknowledge that they came and then pull your focus back to your breathing. Even a few minutes can do wonders at centering the mind.
  • 7. Run the Numbers: Seeing the facts in black and white can help take emotion out of this business decision. Should you accept this offer? Is it too low? Do the math and know for sure.
  • 8. Practice Patience: Buyers may take their time to consider your counter-offers. Be patient and know that an answer will eventually come.
  • 9. Leave Impulse at the Door: This is not a time to make rash decisions. You want to be sure that this is the right deal and the right time.
  • 10. Enjoy the Process: Yes, it’s a stressful, but it can also be the doorway to your new life. Embrace it and stay positive.

It was a big day when you decided to list your home for sale and it will be a even bigger day when you close with a seller. Take care of your body, relax your mind, and trust in your team of professionals and you’re sure to make it through this stressful time.