"When my husband and I bought our house we got lucky ” the previous owner hadn't put a lot of time or effort into sprucing the place up for sale. It looked really bad, actually  ” it was cluttered, there was dog hair everywhere and the basement tenant was a major slob (you couldn't even see the floor because of the piles of dirty socks everywhere).  


We were able to see past all that, however ” aside from the mess, the place was actually in decent shape. We avoided a major bidding war and got the house for a decent price.


The thing is, while a dirty or cluttered house is great for buyers, it's poison for sellers. If your home doesn't make people feel great when they walk in the door, chances are it's going to take you a while to find a buyer. Which is why so many people spend big bucks on staging their homes for a quick sell.


But there are ways to spruce up your place on your own without spending a fortune on a stager or doing major renovations. Below I™ve listed eight cheap and easy fixes that can make your house infinitely more sellable. There are probably more, but these can help get your started ” and even if you’re not moving, these tips can help you freshen up your home so you can enjoy it more!:


Clean, clean, clean:  Clean the heck out of your house before it goes on the market. And don't forget the windows ” clean windows let in more bright light.  


Paint:  A fresh coat of paint can brighten any room and freshen up even the most tired decor. This is the quickest, cheapest way to make your place sellable. Hint: stick with a bright, fresh neutral like white and avoid really bold colours that might put some people off (save the chartreuse walls for your new place).  


Don't neglect the outside:  You can't underrate curb appeal for new buyers. It's the first time they see your home so make sure the outside looks great ” fresh paint and flower pots can brighten up the front and make the place look welcoming.


Declutter:  This is the number-one home staging trick ” get rid off knickknacks and family photos. And clear closets, shelves and cupboards to make everything look as open and spacious as possible. Not only does a clear and clean room allow people to imagine their own things in your house, it also makes your place look bigger (especially if you have small closets!).  


Clean our your fridge:  The fridge should look as new and bright as possible. Clear out any old food and if possible try to use your kitchen as little as possible during while your house is on the market (easier said than done, I know!).  


Update your lighting:  New and modern lighting is cheap to buy and install, and it can instantly update places like your kitchen or dining room, making them more attractive to new buyers.  


Fix up the loo: The bathroom can be a deal-breaker, especially for female buyers (like me!). Old dingy fixtures or chipped tiles can be really off-putting, so if you're going to spend some extra money put it into the bathroom and make sure it's as up-to-date as possible. If you don't have tons of money, at least invest in some new towels and accessories like a new shower curtain to freshen it up.  


Fresh flowers:  Putting vases of fresh flowers around your home is a bright and welcoming touch for potential buyers. They're cheap and they can make a difference.